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parfit knight

The Marquis of Amberley is rich, assured and thirty-four years old, with the reputation of being a law unto himself and a degree of charm which even his friends consider disastrous.

When his coach is waylaid by highwaymen and his coachman shot, he is forced to take shelter at the first house he finds and is subsequently trapped there for a week by a severe snow storm. Oakleigh Manor is the home of beautiful, twenty-two year-old Rosalind Vernon who lives alone but for her devoted servants and an ill-natured parrot, cut off from the outside world by the tragic result of a childhood accident. But Rosalind is brave and bright and totally devoid of self-pity – and it is these qualities which, as the days pass and the snow continues to fall, cause Amberley to fall in love.

On his return to London, the Marquis persuades Rosalind’s brother, Philip, to bring her to town for a taste of society – a move which, despite her handicap, Rosalind handles brilliantly. But the course of Amberley’s courtship is far from smooth for, due to a misapprehension, Philip Vernon actively dislikes him and Rosalind appears to be falling under the spell of the suavely elegant Duke of Rockliffe. Worse still, Amberley is haunted by a dark and terrible secret that, if revealed, may cause him to lose Rosalind forever.

5 star reviews from Amazon:

“Lovely in every detail … the plot is interesting and out of the ordinary, the characters are beautifully drawn.”

“This is by far the best historical romance I have ever read.”

“If you love words, you will love this book.”

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Reluctantly, the Duke of Rockliffe is in the market for a wife. His requirements are simple; a lady who will occupy her position with well-bred grace and chaperone his sister, Nell – but who will not bore him to distraction. He is acquainted with a number of ladies who could fulfil the first two but none who can achieve the last.

Then, whilst accompanying Nell to what he speedily comes to regard as the house-party from hell, he meets Adeline Kendrick – acid-tongued and by no means beautiful, yet somehow alluring; a combination that Rockliffe finds infuriatingly provocative. Worse still, her relatives are quite deplorable – from Cousin Diana, a spoiled and ill-natured beauty, to manipulative and devious Uncle Richard. As a prospective bride, therefore, Adeline is out of the question. Until, that is, a bizarre turn of events cause the Duke to change his mind and make what his world will call a mésalliance.


5 star reviews from Amazon:

“Beautiful love story, beautifully told.”

“If you want a good story, great characters, crisp dialogue and all-round good prose … here you go.”

‘You stop my breath. You always have,’ said the heroine to her hero. At this point, my breath stopped as well. The story was so well-written, so beautifully depicted and so incredibly moving …”

“Unusually, the final scenes were quite thrilling … dramatic at the climax with lots of clever dialogue.”

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Tragedy drove him into unwilling exile. Death demands his reluctant return.

In the decade between, he has answered to many names and amassed a variety of secrets. Now the actor known to Paris as L’Inconnu must resume his real identity and become Francis Adrian Sinclair Devereux, Earl of Sarre … a man he no longer knows how to be and whose name, thanks to the malice of a friend turned enemy, remains tarnished by an old scandal.
Revenge, so long avoided, slithers temptingly from the shadows.
Grand-daughter of a wealthy wool-merchant, Caroline Maitland is not finding her Society debut either easy or enjoyable … but, to Marcus Sheringham, she is the perfect solution to his crushing mountain of debt. Knowing she will be married for her money, Caroline never believed she would find love; but neither did she bargain for a certain charming French highwayman … and a surprising turn of events.
The stage is set, the cast assembled and the Duke of Rockliffe waits for the curtain to rise.
In the wings, Lord Sarre prepares to make his entrance.
He doesn’t expect to be greeted with applause.

5 star reviews from Amazon:

“It’s exciting, often funny, romantic, poignant and just so damned intelligently and well-written.”

“Her use of language is spectacular and the characters are each unique.”

“I fell in love with the hero, a man of many masks and hidden depths of character.”

“Another fabulous read from this talented author.”

“My word – Ms Riley can write! Her characters are always so compulsive that you cannot stop reading.”

“Adrian is indeed ‘The Player’ … an honourable, generous, kind man hidden beneath a veneer that isn’t easy to crack.”

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Sebastian Audley has spent years setting every city in Europe by the ears and keeping the scandal-sheets in profit. Word that he is finally returning to London becomes the hottest topic of the Season and casts numerous young ladies – many of whom have never seen him – into a fever of anticipation.

Cassandra Delahaye is not one of them. In her opinion, love affairs and duels, coupled with a reputation for never refusing even the most death-defying wager, suggest that Mr Audley is short of a brain cell or two. And while their first, very unorthodox meeting shows that perhaps he isn’t entirely stupid, it creates other reservations entirely.

Sebastian finds dodging admiring females and living down his reputation for reckless dare-devilry a full-time occupation. He had known that putting the past behind him in a society with an insatiable appetite for scandal and gossip would not be easy. But what he had not expected was to become the target of a former lover’s dangerous obsession … or to find himself falling victim to a pair of storm-cloud eyes.

5 Star reviews from Amazon:

Stella Riley once again presents readers with a gorgeous hero, an admirable heroine and a well-written, strongly developed romance that simmers with sexual tension. The Wicked Cousin is a delightful read and one which is sure to please fans of intelligently written, strongly characterised historical romance. Another winner!

“The Wicked Cousin starts off on a high note with a superb prologue that’s both gripping and moving, and introduces us to the book’s eponymous hero, Sebastian Audley. Ms. Riley’s terrific writing elevates this love story from ordinary to extraordinary.  Although our handsome hero isn’t so very wicked, he’s still sublime and delicious and awesome.

It’s going straight to my favourites folder!

This was very much a character driven story, in which there was such an ease and flow to the writing that it envelopes you into the story. There was dramatic flair added with a scorned mistress causing problems for our couple. All in all, I was a big fan of this story with its rich depth in characters and world. I’ve been complaining lately of story structure, definitely not a probably here, it feels like this was edited with a fine tooth comb.”

“Stella Riley writes literate, interesting historical novels that could be loosely classified as historical romance, but are much more than that. As far as I can tell the historical content is accurate but it is carried lightly so that you do not feel you are being assaulted by ‘research’. The stories and the characters are engaging and have enough depth to bear rereading.”

 “Beautifully written, engaging characters. Sebastian and Cassandra are a perfect match and their every encounter is believable and draws you in. Loved catching up with all the characters from previous books. A keeper for sure and I didn’t want it to end.”

 “A traditional love story, with a courtship handled formally through the lady’s father, and Sebastian having to lay his cards on the table, as was the form in that period; the poor man had some very difficult explanations to make!”


9 thoughts on “Rockliffe Series

  1. hello Stella, I was wondering if there was any news on the rockliffe series final book, I am just re reading the mésalliance my favourite of the three stories, and would love to read more, can you give me any inkling of who the story is about?

    all the best


  2. Rockliffe #4 – The Wicked Cousin – is still a work-in-progress but I hope to finish writing before the end of March which would make it a May release. As for the who … let’s just say you’ll meet all the old gang plus a new and (I think!) lovely hero. So glad you’re enjoying a re-read – that’s a lovely compliment!

  3. Hello Stella

    Thank you for your reply, cant wait until May, hope this comes out in audio to with the lovely Alex Wyndham who was and excellent choice for the other books

    all the best


  4. Hello Stella, I’m glad to hear that Alex will be continuing the audio reading, he seems to give all the characters. their own personality.

    I was wondering if Cassie will finally get somebody of her own she seems to be a lovely person and It would be nice to know that she finally finds love in this the final story Any Clues?

    All the best


      • Excellent news can’t wait for no 4 to be publishedAll the bestChristine

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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