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The Parfit Knight by Stella Riley narrated by Alex Wyndham

Amazon/Audible 5 star reviews for The Parfit Knight

This is only the second or third time I’ve listened to an audio book and I was blown away by the narrator/reader, Alex Wyndham. He read the book with all the various characters with different voices, I’m not sure if he voiced the Parrot but if he did I’ll give him additional Kudos. This is such a lovely romantic story about a blind young woman and a slightly older gentleman who falls in love with her. The characters were superbly developed and this gave an absolute feeling of reality to the story; the bully, Robert; The Duke, Rockliffe; Phillip, Rosalind’s brother & Isabel his fiancée, just to name a few of the interesting side characters. The parrot adds a dose of comic relief. I highly recommend this audio book and I look forward to the release of Rockliffe’s book on audio, THE MESALLIANCE.”

“I am so glad that Stella Riley has ventured into the world of audio. The Parfit Knight, the first of her superb books to be brought to audio, is an absolutely exquisitely written romance, a touching and beautiful character driven tale and I loved it from start to finish. Alex Wyndham, as usual is just outstanding and the perfect choice to bring it to life. I now eagerly await The Mésalliance, the next in the series.”

“Ms Riley’s strength has always been her dialogue, which is consistent through all her novels be it the Rockliffe Series or her English Civil War books. However, when this strength is joined by Alex Wyndham’s narration her characters come alive in the most wonderful and exhilarating way.

One of the joys of this story, besides the lovely romance, is the introduction of compelling secondary characters. Amberley’s best friend and potential suitor for Rosalind, the Duke of Rockcliffe, is so intriguing that we want to see more of him – a desire that Ms. Riley fulfills in the next book, The Mésalliance. Each of the characters are so well-drawn that their appearance midway through the story does not in the least detract from the main plot. And finally, there is comic relief from the ill-tempered parrot, Broody, a shameless scene-stealer who indirectly inspires a duel. Narrator Alex Wyndham gives his typical first-class performance.

“Her books are romantic and so much about character development. This narrator does a lovely job with female voices, which I think is rare in a male narrator! Couldn’t quit listening.”

“I liked the intelligent writing, the entertaining dialogue, and most of all, Broody, the parrot.”

I will be purchasing the next release as soon as available! More please by this author and Alex Wyndham.  A dynamic duo that complement each other.”

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The Mésalliance audio narrated by Alex Wyndham

Amazon/Audible 5 star reviews for The Mesalliance

“The conniving of Diana has set the scene for the events that follow, rather like the collapsing of a house of cards, where every action has an effect on the next. The marriage between Rockliffe and Adeline is only really the beginning as we listen in awe to Stella Riley’s intensely dramatic and emotional story ratcheting up to a terrifically explosive culmination which is so skilfully achieved that I wondered where it all came from! Emotions are so raw by the time we reach the end that I defy anyone not to feel deeply moved and also not to have to wipe away a tear or two.In fact, I cannot think of another book that I have read with a more emotionally satisfying ending.

Alex Wyndham’s acting talents and smooth, deliciously pleasing voice are particularly suited to this beautifully written, character driven story which adapts itself so perfectly from print to audio. So sensitively does he interpret Ms. Riley’s rollercoaster ride of emotions that it is obvious that the author and her narrator are completely in-tune.”

“Very elegant and intoxicating listen”
“I loved this. It is the second Stella Riley novel I have listened to and aside from Alex Wyndham breathing a life into characters that only he can do, the story itaelf was rich and mature, the plot well set.”

“The hero was sexy and adorable, heroine a bit frustrating but a great conclusion! Great cast of characters and the narration was spot on as usual. Alex Wyndham is excellent!”


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The Player Audio

Amazon/Audible 5 star reviews for The Player

“Another absolute winner from the Riley/Wyndham team.”

“I have quickly come to realise that if I see the name Stella Riley on the cover of a novel then I know I’m going to disappear into ‘book land’ and not emerge for hours! THE PLAYER is no exception and add the velvet voiced, talented and versatile, Alex Wyndham, into the mix and we have perfection, clear and simple.
THE PLAYER, the third in Ms. Riley’s Rockliffe series is simply superb. There are deeply moving moments, giggly moments and sheer genius moments. Stella Riley has a deep understanding of human nature and because of this quite unique talent, her writing tweaks something in my heart every time.
Ms. Riley couldn’t have chosen a more perfect narrator to perform her fab books; long may their partnership continue. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her writing…..The whole series is highly recommended.”

 “Five stars definitely not enough for this series – the excellent Ms Riley does it again. Can we have a Book 4, please!”

“My word – Ms Riley can write! This genre is overpopulated with some very average writing – NOT here. Her characters are always so compulsive that you cannot stop reading. I have read everything she has written and all I can say is, Please can we have MORE.”

“I will not reveal one tiny bit of this absolutely delicious story. I was enthralled from beginning to end. I loved the continued inclusion of the previous participants in the series. The author’s characters had depth and their conversations were believable and engaging. This third book was my favorite. Wish there was a fourth … “

“This is an immensely satisfying book – the story is unusual and the characters are fascinating. The Hero is swoon-worthy and the h also thoroughly deserves her happy end. There is nothing here to pull you out of the story. Fully deserves all the 5-star reviews.”

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A Splendid Defiance

A rich, sweeping and instantly involving tale … a rare pleasure to narrate.”

5 Star Audible reviews for A Splendid Defiance

“Stella Riley gave me a rare gift. She wholly enveloped me in the world she created, so much so I returned to my own with a jolt, finding it hard to believe Justin and Abigail were not real, and their comrades in the Banbury garrison my friends.  A Splendid Defiance offers so much. A realistic and expertly drawn setting based in a real place and time. Laughter, sorrow and exquisite joy. Most of all, a slow-building, believable romance that never felt contrived. It may have been the most touching romance I’ve ever read.”

If you are a fan of historical romance that puts an emphasis on the “historical”, then this is a book for you. If you’re also looking for a richly detailed story, a beautifully developed romance and a compelling, devastatingly attractive and unforgettable hero, it’s all here.

I was completely engaged by A Splendid Defiance, Stella Riley’s intelligent and perceptive book. Alex Wyndham delivers a flawless narration as always.

Mr. Wyndham is just such a pleasure to listen to. Not only does he have a captivating voice, but he also has great range in the characters he creates and enacts.