On a scorching August day in 1757 when he was eight years old, Sebastian Audley’s life changed. And though he did not know it, the change would last for the next thirteen years.

Mr Audley left university with an Honours degree in Law, a superior ability at the chessboard … and A Plan.
The list of things he did not have was much longer.
He didn’t quit Cambridge with a host of happy memories or a coterie of firm and lasting friends; he’d never drunk himself witless nor gambled away a term’s allowance at cards. He hadn’t participated in any of the hilarious pranks beloved of undergraduates everywhere and he hadn’t visited a brothel; in fact, though he’d sooner his eyes were picked out by crows than admit it, he’d never even kissed a girl.
In short, Sebastian had spent three years acquiring a particularly fine education … and nothing else whatsoever.
The Plan, however, was designed to change all that.

The Wicked Cousin is now available for pre-order from Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.


4 thoughts on “THE WICKED COUSIN

  1. So glad you are continuing to write. Although, for me, the Civil War novels are my favourites, I can understand the amount of work involved. Also so glad you are publishing through Kobo as well as I am on one of my annual boycotts of Amazon and don’t wish to incur the extra expensee of buying through Smashwords. Is there any chance you will write more novels set in the 17th century? It is good that the AudioBooks are doing well although I am not likely to pursue that avenue as I tend to use the Audios for books I have difficulty getting through in print like Crime and Punishment and eagerly hope someone will record Foucault’s Pendulum. As I don’t drive, I do not have that excuse. Good luck with future ventures.

    • I may well return to the 17th century, Nell but at present am enjoying a change of pace and direction, working with Alex on the audios. His version of Defiance is truly splendid!

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