A dramatic and enchanting story of forbidden love,
set against the turmoil and anguish of the English Civil War.

I am delighted – and very excited! – to announce that A Splendid Defiance, performed by superbly talented Alex Wyndham, is now available to purchase from Audible, Amazon and i-Tunes

A Splendid Defiance available from Audible.co.uk

The Cavaliers hold the Castle, the Roundheads want it back and Banbury is full of zealous Puritans … all of which ought to make the gulf between Captain Justin Ambrose and shopkeeper’s sister, Abigail Radford, unbridgeable.  The key to both the fate of the Castle and that of Justin and Abigail lies in defiance – but will it be enough?

“If you’re looking for a gripping story, richly-described historical detail and an against-all-the-odds romance that features a flawed, brooding, devastatingly attractive and unforgettable hero, then this is the book for you.”
Amazon 5 Star Customer Review



    • Compared to the Rockliffe series, yes. At least, it’s very different in content – though the writing style is the same. It’s less romantic and more a love story set in what, at the time, was the real world.

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying this. I have loved this book since it first came out, years ago. Alex Wyndham does it full justice. Is he to read your other Civil War books?

    • At present, I haven’t any plans to turn the R&C books into audios, Sophie. This is mostly due to their length and, in part, also because they are unlikely to find a large market. However, when I see how well Defiance performs, I’ll have a clearer idea of what is viable. Meanwhile, I’m so glad you’re enjoying Alex’s performance; he’s extraordinary, isn’t he?

      • Yes, he’s very good – both in tone and in performing the various characters. I hope – not only selfishly! – that the audio of Defiance will do well. It certainly deserves to.

      • He gives enormous thought to every aspect of what he’s doing and this often leads to discussion on this point or that – which I appreciate. He also cheerfully agreed to tackle the singing in Defiance, even though he had every right to refuse. It’s a privilege to work with him.

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