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Completing my first new book in a very long time feels like a tremendous achievement and obviously I’m hoping it finds favour with all my loyal readers.  I’ve enjoyed writing The King’s Falcon – mostly, I think, because the nature of the historical background gave me the chance to write a little more freely.  This, in turn, has allowed some of the new characters to evolve in a way I neither planned nor expected.  I love it when characters begin to write their own script because I can never be quite sure exactly where we’re all going.  As you may imagine, all my major characters are like old friends.  Ashley Peverell has been living in the house for months now.  Others like Justin Ambrose and Eden Maxwell have been with us for years.  This, for me, is what makes writing fun.

All three books in the Roundheads & Cavaliers series have separate stories but, for everything to make complete sense, they’re best read in the right order.  If you haven’t read any of them, start with The Black Madonna, followed by Garland of Straw and finally The King’s Falcon.  A Splendid Defiance is loosely connected to both Madonna and Garland but is actually a stand-alone novel.

A number of readers have asked whether or not I intend to release Lucifer’s Champion in e-format but I’m afraid the answer is still no.  It was the first thing I ever wrote and it underwent massive re-structuring during the publication process.  Consequently, it ended up as something past saving.  Basically, bringing it up to scratch would involve far too much work and I’d rather put my mind to something new.

So what do I do when I’m not writing – which is most of the time, actually. Inevitably, I read a lot. I enjoy dancing – salsa and belly-dancing, mostly; and I’ve had a lot of fun over the years out of amateur dramatics – my favourite role ever probably being Miss Adelaide in Guys & Dolls. My husband and I also travel a lot, both abroad and in the United Kingdom.  Recently, we moved from Shropshire to the lovely medieval town of Sandwich in Kent and are enjoying getting involved in the local community.  I volunteer in the Guildhall Museum half a day each week and really enjoy meeting new people – visitors and locals, alike.

I always enjoy hearing from readers – so please drop by for a chat whenever you please.  You’ll always get a reply.


114 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Stella, I grew up reading your books – they’ve been the subject of much book thievery between myself and my sisters over the years, with each of us practically padlocking our precious, much read and tattered copies of the Black Madonna, Garland of Straw, Parfit Knight and the Marigold Chain to our bookshelves, jealously guarded. I can’t tell you how delighted I was to see them come out on kindle. I’ve re-read every one and now to find a NEW Stella Riley book – it’s a dream come true! Can’t wait to read the King’s Falcon, it’s my treat of 2014. Please do keep writing!!!

  2. Hi Meg,
    Thank you for your kind comments. The image of anyone padlocking tatty copies to the shelf made me smile – but I know what you mean. I once loaned and never got back a copy of possibly my favourite book ever (The Way To The Lantern by Audrey Erskine Lindop), since which time I’ve picked up no less than 3 second hand copies which are never let out of the house.
    If you’ve read the Kindle editions of my back-catalogue, you’ll have noticed some changes which I hope you found added rather than detracted. I hope you enjoy ‘Falcon’. I certainly enjoyed writing it. And if you cared to post a brief review for any of my books, it would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Hi Stella
    Thank you for The Kings Falcon, I loved it. It has been a real treat to have something new from you to lose myself in for the last few days, familiar in one way with the characters, the style of writing and period detail but new and exciting at the same time.
    I have left a review on Amazon and am always telling my friends to discover you.
    Since I found you again, I read A Splendid Defiance when it was first published, I have thoroughly enjoyed The Marigold Chain (love Chloe) and The Mésalliance as eBooks.
    I do hope you write another story and thank you again for coming back!

  4. Thank you for letting me know that you enjoyed ‘Falcon’ – and even more for leaving a review and recommending my work to others. Not being a very high-profile author, this kind of appreciation means a lot. I’m currently working on something new but think I’d better wait a while longer before revealing what it is.

  5. I have just finished reading The King’s Falcon and I, too, have left a review on Amazon. I was thrilled when I discovered you had written a sequel to Black Madonna and Garland of Straw. It was a brilliant read and impossible to put down. Such a fascinating period of history that you have brought vividly to life and such wonderful characterisation – especially Francis and Pauline. Thank you so much for bringing me so much pleasure.

    • Hi Jill,
      I’m glad you enjoyed Falcon and thank you for posting a review. I was particularly pleased that you liked Francis and Pauline because they took on a completely unexpected life of their own during the creation process and I had a lot of fun going along for the ride as they wrote their own scenes.

    • Good Evening, Sir,
      It’s so nice to hear from you. I wouldn’t imagine that any of my output is particularly your cup of tea – but have you read any of them? This is the point where I have to pay tribute to Mr Haslam. No doubt you remember him? He’s the man responsible! The many things I learned from you came in handy when I was teaching and even handier on the amateur stage.

  6. I’m glad you remember me. I own two books, The Marigold Chain and The Black Madonna (signed by you) and have borrowed others from libraries. And yes I have read them. You may not know that Mr Haslam died last year. But I am still keeping an eye on you!!

  7. Of course I remember you! After all the additional help you gave me, how could I not? Also, there are some teachers who are extra-special and you were definitely one of those.
    I’m sorry to hear about Mr Haslam. He is another teacher I always think of with affection.
    I hope you are well and enjoying retirement and am delighted you got in touch.

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